Information from a Harm Reduction Approach


At LANDED we use a harm reduction approach when we provide information to young people about drugs, tobacco, alcohol and sexual health.  This approach neither promotes nor condones drug taking or risky behaviour, but recognises that young people need factual and relevant information to reduce the risk of them coming to harm. By providing information of this nature we hope to encourage young people to make positive choices in relation to their health and wellbeing.

LANDED recognises that using drugs can seriously affect a young persons health, but we also know that many young people continue to use legal and illegal substances regardless of the risks involved.  By providing harm reduction messages, we hope that young people can learn to keep themselves safe no matter what choices they make.  We include harm reduction messages in the resources that we produce which are developed specifically for young people, and in our awareness raising workshop sessions that are delivered to young people in a variety of settings throughout Lanarkshire.


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