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A Cannabis Toolkit for Educators

In 2021, LANDED was commissioned by NHS Lanarkshire to consult with young people aged 12-25 in Lanarkshire about cannabis—specifically, the relationship between their cannabis and tobacco use.

A full report on our findings and recommendations can be found here:


Off the back of this consultation, it was raised that there was a lack of quality cannabis education in schools, and we were asked to create a resource that could be used in an educational setting to fill this gap.


This cannabis educational resource is broken into five sessions covering; myths, effects on the body and mind, the law, models of legalisation and harm reduction. We hope you find it a helpful tool for creating a space for critical dialogue on cannabis within your school.

You are part of a select few secondary school educators who have been picked or offered support to pilot this resource. 

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, feedback or anything in between please contact me

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