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Things have changed for us all over the past few months, with lockdown restrictions ever-changing all across the country and cases of COVID-19 are rising and falling, we want to make sure we maintain a level of consistency to the services we offer to Lanarkshire and beyond.

So, we have carefully adapted all of our services to be delivered online.

Online Workshops

Our topic-based harm reduction workshops are now online, they are shorter and more to the point, but they haven't lost their impact!

We spent a good amount of time researching software, equipment and exploring other organisations' online delivery style to ensure our online workshops will be as engaging, participatory and interesting as our face-to-face ones.


Online Training Courses

All LANDED staff training courses have also moved online. Just like our online workshops, we have made sure that our courses have been adequately adapted to be delivered in an online environment.

We have done this by:

  • Shortening the overall duration of the courses

  • Splitting the courses into manageable chunks

  • Using a range of activities and delivery styles to keep everyone engaged

  • Upgraded our IT equipment to suit this delivery style

To find out about upcoming online training courses we have on offer, visit our online training calendar page here.


Working From Home

The current advice from the Scottish Government (at the time of writing) is to work from home if you can, so we are.

We only visit the office when one of us need to use our virtual training/workshop station. The only problem with it is, you need to make your own cup of tea.

We are all still contactable through email and mobiles, so if you need anything, or want a chat, give us a ring.

Stay safe & wash yer hands.


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