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Updated: Jun 9

Worker Wednesday is a weekly LANDED blog, written by staff to introduce themselves. You can see the rest of the blogs here.

Hello, my name is Rosie. I am the Senior Development Officer at LANDED.

LANDED has been a big part of my family for years. My Mother-in-Law was involved in establishing LANDED so I have been aware of the great work LANDED does for years. Her involvement with LANDED inspired me to go back to university at the ripe old age of thirty to start my own journey.

After graduating from university, I began my job hunting, as fate would have it LANDED were recruiting. I applied and interviewed for the LANDED job and another job on the same day. I knew at interview that the LANDED job was the one I wanted. I was offered both jobs and thankfully I accepted the LANDED position.

My first position was Drug and Alcohol Development Officer. I loved my job instantly. The work LANDED does in the communities in Lanarkshire changes according to the needs of that time and that made my job exciting. The work with the volunteers at LANDED was and remains the part of the job I love the most. Watching young people thrive and grow in confidence gave me a buzz then and It continues to have the same effect on me to this day. I never tire of seeing young people taking charge of their own lives and making more informed decisions.

I was promoted in 2015 to Senior development officer and started to take more of an interest in the strategic side of the work I was doing. I feel that this has joined all the dots for me and gave me a better insight into the reason why LANDED works in the way that it does. I now focus a lot of my time on work being carried out in the South Lanarkshire area, however, in true LANDED style, this can change according to the needs of that day.

I can honestly say the last 8 years of working with LANDED has been great and I look forward too many more.

Blog written by Rosie Welsh, Senior Development Officer. May 2020.

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