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Sexual Health Services in Lanarkshire

In Lanarkshire, we have designated sexual health services for young people aged 20 and younger.

The clinics offer a wide range of services, including:

  • STI tests

  • Testing for pregnancy

  • Access to contraception

  • Free condoms

  • Drop-in appointments

  • Information and advice

The staff at these clinics work with young people day in and day out, so no need to feel worried or embarrassed. The services are confidential, so your parent or carer won't be informed that you have attended, however, if someone who is 16 years or younger tells a staff member something which places them or someone else in danger – they may have to disclose this to other agencies.

You can download an app called YP+ that gives you loads of useful information! It lets you know all about the services, the details for clinics near you - such as opening times and phone numbers, it gives you a list of STI’s and what some symptoms are to be aware of AND how to access free condoms from the C Card Scheme. Also, it gives a list of useless links and helplines if you need to speak to someone.

*Please be aware that due to COVID services may be operating differently, such as no drop in’s. Please check online or on the relevant apps for information about your local health centre.


WATCH: Visiting a Lanarkshire Sexual Health Clinic

Still feeling apprehensive about going to a sexual health clinic? Here is a video showing you step by step what to accept and what the health care professionals might ask you.

For more detailed information about the services available, go to -


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