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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Worker Wednesday is written by staff to introduce themselves.

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Hey, my name is Tamsin and I’m the Drugs and Alcohol Development Officer here at LANDED.

I’ve been at LANDED for over 5 years now and it’s been such a great experience for me professionally and personally. LANDED is unique and quirky and brings a lot of joy into my life (not a lot of people can say that about their job). I can honestly say not a day goes by in the LANDED office where I don’t laugh or make people laugh (usually accidentally).

Anyway, back where it all began . . .

Before university, I was a Youth Worker for North Lanarkshire Councils Motherwell Youth Work Team where I began working with young people at the age of 16 (after volunteering for a few months). I soon realised that working with young people was something that I really enjoyed and seemed to be quite good at. I got myself into university to study Community Education and graduated 4 years later with my honours degree.

My first full-time job after university was working for a children and young people’s advocacy project, this was an extremely rewarding job and I met some brilliant people along the way. However, I really missed Youth Work and the buzz I got from working with different groups of young people in a variety of settings. I saw LANDED were recruiting, I applied and interviewed for the job as Smoking and Tobacco Development Officer in 2015. I was successful and accepted the job. This was the beginning of my LANDED journey. The focus of my role was to create and develop two workshops. A full tobacco workshop and a full cannabis workshop that could be delivered to young people within North Lanarkshire. I loved creating and developing these workshops as I got to create my own educational resource boards by coming up with ideas and working with a Graphics designer to make them come to life (you can buy these boards on our resource page) and they now get used in Schools and Youth centres, which I often think is pretty cool. In 2018 I got promoted to the Drugs and Alcohol Development Officer within LANDED. This was an exciting new challenge. I’ve always been interested in drug culture and how certain people get to choose what their ‘drug of choice is’ and why. So I knew this would be a great opportunity for me. My current role is to deliver alcohol and drug workshops to young people within South Lanarkshire focusing on harm reduction advice. I also now deliver Drugs and Alcohol Brief Intervention staff training to professionals that work with young people, which I absolutely love doing as the conversations and exercises that take place on the training days are always so fulfilling and everyone shares so much knowledge.

Another massive part of my role is working with the volunteers that attend LANDED. Our wonderful Peer Educators that give up their time to come and learn with us. The young people we get to work with are fantastic and really do go above and beyond. We’re lucky to have such great volunteers that want to go out there and pass on all their knowledge to their peers through Peer Education.

Overall I feel so lucky to have such a brilliant job, not everyone gets to talk about drugs all day and educate other people with their knowledge Thanks LANDED!

Blog Written by Tamsin Smith, Drugs and Alcohol Development Officer, June 2020.


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