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When 'Hey Girls' visited LANDED

Every Wednesday night at LANDED staff work late with the Peer Educators to deliver training and offer one to one support to the young people that come along.

However, this Wednesday (26th Feb 2020) we had a visitor that was leading the session, a woman called Molly from an organisation called Hey Girls.

Hey Girls assist in tackling period poverty as well as offering training and education. They also have a scheme called ‘Buy One Give One’, which means the products go directly to help girls and young women in need. The LANDED staff got in contact with Hey Girls and managed to arrange a training session for the Peer Educators. Some young people might find this a bit uncomfortable but at LANDED, we’re a little different. We talk about a lot of issues (including sex, drugs, and alcohol) regularly so I knew most of us were going to find this interesting. When Molly arrived, we introduced ourselves and began the training. We learned about all the different things to do with periods, who gets them, what other products there are for your periods other than tampons and pads, also learning more about the different kinds shapes and sizes that would suit you best.

We were able to look at all the different products available for you when you are on your period, we could see them, touch them and hold them which was a good laugh but also ideal because you were learning about them at the same time. Even the boys were asking questions!

As much as this was a different Wednesday night, I got a lot from it. I learned that periods are ok and it’s ok to feel down or whatever when on your period. It’s completely normal and we’ve not to be hard on ourselves for feeling that way. I really enjoyed it, was something different and a great learning experience.

Once Molly left, we spoke about period training being available to more young people within Lanarkshire. I definitely think it should be available for way more young people. It would be great for them to get more information at a younger age to help them understand the effects of a period and how it can impact those round about you. I also think this information should be available to males as well as females because most males will have females in their lives too.

I want to thank the staff at LANDED for arranging this training for us and it’s always good to learn new things and get us all thinking outside the box.

Blog post by volunteer Demi O’Mellon

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