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How Smoking Affects The Body

How Smoking Affects The Body

Our LANDED activity boards are a great way to educate young people on different health based topics.
These resources are designed by young people, for young people and they work!



To increase participants awareness of the many negative health effects of smoking.



By the end of this session participants should:

  • Have an increased knowledge of the health effects of smoking on the body
  • Be able to compare health of a non-smoker and life-long  smoker
  • Have an understanding of the different parts of the body affected by smoking



  • LANDED Big Boab vs Wee Boab board
  • Body Parts Board Pieces
  • Board Instructions 


This Activity Board comes with facilitator instructions, Foamex A1 colour printed activity board and accompanying pieces (if applicaple).


If you purchase any boards, we encourage you to also book a Workshop Masterclass for your staff team, to fully equip them with the confidence and knowledge to facilitate these resources to their full potential.


If you would like to order this, or any of our other resources, please contact us.

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