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Use Your Heed (Cannabis)

Use Your Heed (Cannabis)

Our LANDED activity boards are a great way to educate young people on different health based topics.
These resources are designed by young people, for young people and they work!


To increase participants awareness on how different consumption methods of cannabis may affect the user.



By the end of this session participants should:

  • Have an increased knowledge of how different ways of taking cannabis can affect you in positive & negative ways.
  • Be better informed of healthier ways to consume cannabis
  • Understand that cannabis when mixed with tobacco is more damaging to health
  • Be able to make better informed decisions if using cannabis in the future



  • LANDED Use Yer Heed Board
  • Effect Cards
  • Board Instructions


This Activity Board comes with facilitator instructions, Foamex A1 colour printed activity board and accompanying pieces (if applicaple).


If you purchase any boards, we encourage you to also book a Workshop Masterclass for your staff team, to fully equip them with the confidence and knowledge to facilitate these resources to their full potential.


To order this resource, please contact us.  

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