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Workshop Agreement

Please read the information below and click the link at the bottom of this page to register your acknowledgement of our Workshop Agreement. You can download a copy of the LANDED Workshop Agreement here.

Due to the amount of information on this page, it is best viewed on a computer.

At LANDED, we strive to deliver a quality input, and to ensure our inputs run as smoothly as possible, we have developed a contract agreement to ensure all parties are fully aware of what is involved in our service delivery online and offline.

If you are using our service for the first time, we ask you to read the following information and electronically sign the form that follows to show that you understand and agree with our booking terms and conditions.




  • All workshop requests will be confirmed via email.

  • A LANDED staff member will arrive shortly before the requested time to allow initial workshop set up.

  • An experienced staff member will deliver your requested workshop. LANDED volunteer peer educators may accompany the staff member to either shadow or co-deliver the input. If a LANDED volunteer is present on the day of your input, we will inform you of this in advance.

  • LANDED will supply all training materials that are required for workshop delivery.

  • LANDED staff will deliver your workshop using a professional, inclusive and non-judgemental approach.

  • At the end of the workshop, a LANDED staff member will provide a link to our evaluation form or a paper copy.



  • You will confirm the date and time of your workshop via email – if no confirmation is received, your workshop will not go ahead.

  • You will identify a suitable space (adhering to any current government COVID-19 guidelines) within your organisation for the workshop to be delivered.

  • You will inform your group that LANDED will be coming in to deliver a workshop and they will be ready and willing to participate at the agreed time.

  • LANDED staff and volunteers will be treated with respect by both staff members and young people.



NOTE: Includes all previous relevant points mentioned in above ‘physical workshop’ section.


At the point of booking we will:

a) Confirm which platform is most suitable for the workshop (Teams, Zoom, Webex etc.) 

b) Confirm who is responsible (you or us) for inviting participants to the agreed workshop time and date.

  • A LANDED staff member will arrive in our office AT LEAST 30 minutes before the session is due to start, to set up and ensure our IT equipment is fully functional.

  • LANDED will supply all training materials (digitally) that are required for the workshop.

  • At the end of the workshop, a LANDED staff member will provide a link to our online evaluation form.


  • You will set up and ensure your IT equipment is fully functional and ready to go before the start of the workshop (This can take longer than you think).

  • If the group is accessing the workshop from home, you will ensure they have the relevant equipment to do so and are ready to engage before the session.

  • You will do your best to ensure that the agreed number of participants will attend the session.

  • You are responsible for ensuring that all participants know how to use the online platform (Teams, Zoom, Webex etc.) that the workshop will take place on.

  • Once your online workshop is complete, an evaluation will be shared with the participants attending the session—we ask for your assistance in completing this as it is important for our funding. 



As our workshops consist of several group work or participatory activities, the maximum number of participants we work with per session is 15 (physical workshops only). The minimum number is 4 (all workshops).  If participants numbers fall below or are higher than the maximum/ minimum, please contact the LANDED team as soon as possible.

LANDED reserves the right to withdraw and reschedule the agreed input if numbers fall below 4.


LANDED workshops are informal, interactive and participatory, and we aim to make them fun. To allow this to happen, we rely on participants to be actively engaged.

If online, where possible, all participants need to have access to a working microphone and camera to enable them to engage with the workshop fully.   

Please ensure all participants are aware of this and are willing to be seen & heard on camera.

We recognise that all groups are different but, we need interaction to ensure the workshop is of high quality.

If this is not possible for your group at the moment, you might want to consider if this the right time to be booking an interactive workshop with us.


LANDED workshops have been developed to cover a range of issues and should be delivered in their entirety. Demand for the LANDED service is high, so your group must be ready and willing to participate in our sessions.  If your group is not ready/ present within 10 minutes of the agreed start time, LANDED reserves the right to withdraw the input. 


LANDED reserves the right to terminate the session early if the audience is unresponsive or disruptive. In this instance, we will inform the booking agency of why the session was terminated early, and if appropriate, we will reschedule the session.  

We hope your group will enjoy participating in a LANDED workshop! 


Please click THIS LINK and enter your name, organisation, and contact e-mail and confirm that you have carefully read the above information and accept our Workshop Agreement Terms.

If you have any questions about the agreement, please discuss this with the staff member who sent you to this page.

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