Our harm reduction workshops cover a wide range of topics and aim to address the consequences of risk-taking behaviours. We don’t condemn or condone, it’s a non-judgemental, research-based, informal and participatory approach to health education in the community.

The topics we cover are:

Each workshop is tailored to the individual needs of your group and is delivered in a participatory way to ensure that all young people involved take something away from the session.

Our workshops on average last about an hour and a half. However, we are happy to adapt the duration if appropriate.

If one or more of the above topics are of interest to you and your group, continue reading below for more information on the content of individual workshops.

If you already know what workshop you are looking for, click here to find out how to book.


Duration: 90 minutes

Aim of workshop: To raise awareness of the risks and consequences of substance use in Lanarkshire.

Workshop Content: 

  • Drugs you know

  • Drug categories

  • Drugs and the law

  • Harm reduction information

LANDED staff try to stay as up to date as they possibly can on the ever-changing world of drugs, locally, nationally and globally to ensure that this workshop is up to date and relevant.



Duration: 90 minutes

Aim of workshop: To raise awareness and challenge existing attitudes towards the use of alcohol in Lanarkshire.

Workshop Content: 

  • How does society view alcohol?

  • Alcohol harms

  • How much is too much?

  • Harm reduction information


Tobacco & Ecigarettes

Duration: 90 minutes

Aim of workshop: To raise awareness about tobacco-related harm and signpost young people to local stop smoking services.

Workshop Content: 

  • Why do people smoke?

  • Chemicals in cigarettes & Ecigarettes

  • Cigarette harm

  • Tobacco law

  • Second hand smoke information

  • How to quit

  • Local stop smoking services


Duration: 90 minutes

Aim of workshop: To raise awareness of the possible long and short term effects of using cannabis and provide the young people with harm reduction information. 

Workshop Content: 

  • What is cannabis?

  • How it is used

  • Cannabis Law

  • Possible long term effects

  • Recreational vs problematic use

  • Harm reduction information

LANDED staff try to stay as up to date as they possibly can on everything to do with cannabis to ensure this workshop is relevant and correct.


Sexual Health

Duration: 90 minutes

Aim of workshop: To raise awareness of the risks & consequences of being sexually active.

Workshop Content: 

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections Awareness – signs and symptoms

  • HIV Awareness – transmission routes

  • STI Mythbusters

  • Young Persons Sexual Health Services – what to expect

  • Using condoms effectively


Duration: 90 minutes

Aim of workshop: To encourage young people to be aware of the importance of positive relationships.

Workshop Content: 

  • Relationship expectations

  • Acceptable & unacceptable behaviours within relationships

  • The importance of establishing boundaries

  • Positive communication within relationships



Duration: 60 minutes (This workshop can be delivered to a small group, or a full year group assembly as a presentation)

Aim of workshop: To raise awareness of the risks and consequences of sending indecent images for young people aged under 18. 

Workshop Content: 

  • What is Sexting?

  • Which images are acceptable and which are not?

  • The legalities of sexting for young people aged 18 and under

  • The impact Sexting can have on a young person’s life

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this presentation, some of the images contain nudity. If you think

this will be inappropriate for your group, please let us know.


How to book a workshop

Before you book us in, we will need to find out a little bit more about you, your organisation and the young people taking part. This is just so that our staff can prepare appropriately.

The best way to do this is a quick chat on the phone. Click here for our contact details.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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