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Condoms by Post

I’ve known about the C Card Scheme for a while, that you can go to your local Health Centre or Pharmacy that has the ‘Free Condoms No Fuss’ logo up, and access free condoms if you live, work or study in Lanarkshire. However, I hadn’t thought about how lockdown would affect this. Then I saw a tweet from NHS Lanarkshire that caught my attention (initially because there was a Christmas tree made from condoms), but then I saw they where offering condoms by the post - I thought it was such a good idea, even for after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everything is done online these days, and for some people, a phone call, or sending a text is more convenient and maybe less embarrassing than going into the shop…

But, just how easy is it?

Trial Run

I thought I would phone the number on the tweet and see how simple the process was (for research purposes, obviously).

The call lasted under 2 minutes, super quick and easy. The women who answered the phone, her name was Carol - was so pleasant and lovely (so far so good). She didn’t ask me anything too personal, just my name, address and what kind of condoms I’d prefer. I wasn’t fussed, so she offered to send me a variety pack (lucky me).

She did ask me where I’d saw the advert for this, as they are trying to get the word out that condoms by post is now available and seemed really happy I’d saw it online – as it means their PR is working. She also asked if it were something I’d do in the future if they continued to offer it by post – I said definitely.

Then, just before the call ended, I was assured that all my details would be destroyed, and I wouldn’t get any further calls, which was a nice touch and really reassuring.

So far, I am very impressed.

It was just so simple, straight forward and best of all, free! Because we have such good services available to us in Lanarkshire, I feel people often forget or don’t realize how expensive condoms and lube can be.

The Postman has Arrived

Happy Tuesday to me!

I called the service three days ago, and they're here already, which I think is pretty good. They came in a discreet, thick white envelope, and I didn’t know what it was until I opened it. It didn’t say “condoms inside” across the front – which is really good since I still live at home with my mum and dad. That could’ve been awkward at the breakfast table.

Inside the envelope was 2 purple paper bags filled with different kind of condoms and lube, much more than I expected. It also had a little letter with more information about the scheme, a card to use in the health centres and some details about contraception and emergency contraception with the relevant numbers and information.

Above - contents of the envelope.

Overall Verdict

I really hope they continue to offer this service as I think it’s accessible and effortless. I’d encourage people to give it a go and see for themselves. At the present moment, I know everyone’s mind is on COVID… but unfortunately, that doesn’t stop STI’s being out there, and with all this extra time on people’s hands…. it’ll help to protect against unplanned pregnancies.

To find out more about the postal service by NHS Lanarkshire, click the link below.



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