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C Card Scheme – Free Condoms No Fuss

Because who doesn’t want free stuff?

Condoms are the number 1 way to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and can help protect against unwanted pregnancies! So if you live, work or study in Lanarkshire? You’re in luck!! You can get free condoms with no fuss using the ‘C Card Scheme’.

What is the C Card Scheme?

This scheme was designed to take any embarrassment away from asking for condoms and to give people some direction of where to go to access the free condoms that are available to them. You can get a C Card from over 100 health centres, GP practices and pharmacies – you need to look for the sign ‘Free Condoms, No Fuss Available’ logo. The card looks like this;

You get a card and simply tick what type of condoms and lubricants you want on the back, then, hand it in to any of the places listed. You must be 13 or over to access the free condoms (and again we won't tell your parents or carer). You don’t need to give them your name or address, its all totally discreet. They might, however, ask the first part of your postcode – but that’s only to see what areas of Lanarkshire are using and accessing the service.

However, you don’t even need a card to access the scheme; you can just ask for the free condoms (and lubricant) anywhere that shows the logo or use the C Card app as a virtual card on your phone. The staff member will then give you your condoms in a discreet white bag.

** During COVID-19, it is now possible to access condoms by a temporary ‘condoms by post’ service. To find out more visit:

To learn more about the Sexual Health Services in Lanarkshire, read our blog here.

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