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What is LANDED?

LANDED is a young persons' charity based in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

We work with young people across Lanarkshire to promote messages of harm reduction on topics such as; drugs, alcohol, cannabis, tobacco and sexual health. We do this by delivering topic-based workshops to groups of young people. Some of these sessions are volunteer-led. 


Young people play a major role in our organisation; we regularly consult with current and past volunteers and partner organisations when developing or improving our services to keep them relevant, exciting and engaging.  We focus on recruiting young people from a variety of different social backgrounds including young people exposed to substance use, care experienced young people, and young people who are carers themselves. To find out more about volunteering with LANDED click here.

We provide staff training opportunities to build the knowledge, understanding and confidence of staff members who work directly with young people. To find out more about staff training click here.

What is Harm Reduction?

HARM REDUCTION is an approach that aims to reduce the harms associated with risk-taking behaviours. In other words, harm reduction is another way of saying 'staying safer'. It involves giving information and facts about risk-taking behaviours without telling someone not to do or try something.

At LANDED, we don't condemn or condone, we recognise that young people may be tempted to experiment, so it's really important to know the facts.

LANDED Mission Statement

To raise awareness and increase knowledge of drug, alcohol, sexual health and tobacco issues and associated harm amongst young people living in Lanarkshire to enable them to make positive choices in relation to their own health and wellbeing.

Our Funders

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