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Consultancy Services

LANDED staff members and volunteer peer educators have consulted on a wide range of local and national projects.

Our staff team has experience of over 45-years of direct engagement with young people in the youth and community work sector and our volunteers contribute a unique perspective providing clients with the realistic, constructive and comprehensive evaluation of your project.

You can find out more details of projects we have consulted on below.

Previous Projects

No Knives Better Lives

We were asked to review the resources on by Catch The Light

LANDED Staff spent a few days combing through the website using the activities and resources to facilitate a bespoke NKBL training programme for our volunteer Peer Educators. Our volunteers then reviewed each activity and offered feedback on the content, pace, structure and enjoyment of the course. 

ASH Scotland

LANDED volunteer Peer Educators were asked by ASH Scotland to review their BE FREE posters. An anti-tobacco campaign aimed at young people and, the ASH Scotland 'cost of smoking' project where the volunteers were asked to review a resource called 'coping and richer'.

NHS Lanarkshire

During lockdown, NHS Lanarkshire contacted us to assist them with the development of their Condoms By Post social media campaign. Our volunteers were consulted on the aesthetics of the campaign. One of our staff members also provided the voice over for the dancing condom advertisement.


If you would like to organise a bespoke consultancy package, please contact us to discuss.

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