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What does it involve?

Our staff training is participatory and engaging. We aim to provide staff working with young people the tools and knowledge to talk to young people openly and confidently about their risk-taking behaviours.

LANDED use a ‘harm-reduction’ approach to risk-taking behaviours, we don’t condemn or condone. We recognise young people are going to engage in risky behaviours and we aim to provide them with non-biased information in an effort to promote positive lifestyle choices.

You will find more details on our topic-based training for staff below. 

Available Training Courses

Please click on the course titles below to download a copy of the training description & course content. (*links currently not active, contact us for course information - May 2023)

  • Tobacco & Vaping Training [4 Hours]

  • Cannabis & Synthetic Cannabis Training [6 Hours]

  • Alcohol Awareness Training [6 Hours]

  • Drugs Awareness Training [6 Hours]

  • Sexting Awareness Training [2 Hours]

  • Onlyfans Awareness Training [2 Hours] (Seminar/Webinar Style)

How To Book

If you would like to book a bespoke training package for your staff team, please contact us to enquire about prices and availability.

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