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Vaping Information Resources for Schools

To download our FREE Vaping Information Leaflet (A5) and FREE Vaping Information Poster (A4) click the download button below.

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You can order high-quality printed copies of the A5 Vaping Leaflet from us in multiples of 1000. Ready to hand out; no printing needed. A4 Vaping Posters are available too in multiples of 20. Contact us for pricing and information.

Vaping Information

For more information on vaping, which can be used in a classroom setting for things like close reading, research projects or general information, the following links might prove useful:

Additional Services

LANDED also offers a suite of Vaping Information Services to bring the latest facts and information about vaping to young people in your school. This can take the form of an assembly presentation, information stall or a classroom workshop. All of these services are designed to fit around your school timetable and educate pupils on the latest vaping information so that they can make informed choices about their future.

To find out more about these services, continue reading below. 

Assembly Presentations

Our Vaping & Smoking assembly presentation involves a full day of year group assemblies, where pupils will learn the latest information on vaping & smoking, plus some tips on quitting and harm-reduction.

 If you are based in Lanarkshire, it will also involve a short (optional) Vaping Survey, which has been funded by NHS Lanarkshire to gather information on the landscape of vaping & young people in Lanarkshire. Data from this survey will be used to inform future support services & education projects.

Information Stall

Our Information Stalls are best placed in an area with a high footfall of pupils, for example, Health Days, Senior Pupil Induction and P7/S1 Transition projects.

LANDED staff will engage with pupils on the subject of vaping - making use of our various engaging and participatory educational resources. The stall can also include information on the other topics that we cover such as; drugs, alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, and sexual health. For more information on the content of our information stalls, click here

Classroom-based Workshops

LANDED takes an informal approach when working in the classroom. Our workshops are suitable for S1-S6 (or older), fit perfectly into the school timetable and cover all the latest information on vaping, including its impact on health and the environment, some helpful harm reduction information, and tips on quitting.

We have a vaping workshop available, but also cover other topics. More information on our other workshop subjects can be found here:

How to book

If you are interested in requesting one of the above services for your school, please get in touch. Prices depend on the size of your school, and the services requested.  The best way to do this is a quick chat on the phone. But, you can also send us a message via our online form - click here for our contact details.

To find out more about LANDED and what we do - click here to learn more.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you to FastForward, ASH Scotland, NHS Lanarkshire colleagues & others who were involved in the development of this resource. 

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