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6 Digital Youth Work Activities

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Hello, and welcome to the LANDED Blog.

We want to share with you six of our easy to facilitate, tried and tested digital youth work activity ideas - to help you host fun, engaging and interactive video calls with your groups.

Below you will find a list of activities we have been using on our Zoom meetings with our volunteer Peer Educators. We also use them when facilitating our Online Workshops and Training Courses. These online sessions cover topics such as tobacco, cannabis, drugs, alcohol, sexual health and even e-cigs.

We also design educational resources you can use to teach young people about these topics.

So, introductions aside, let us look at some of the activities:

1. Ice Breakers

An ice breaker is an effective activity, usually used at the start of a meeting or event to break the ice and stimulate discussion.

We have listed three ice breaker ideas below that you can try during your digital meetings.

Time Machine

Ask this question to your group: "If you were able to travel through time, either forward or, backwards where would you go? Why?"

To further the discussions, you could ask:

  • Would you take anyone with you?

  • What would you bring back as a souvenir?

Quarantine Habits

Ask this question to your group: "Since being under quarantine, what habits have you developed?"