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Alayna - Project Administrator

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Worker Wednesday is written by staff to introduce themselves.

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Hi, my name is Alayna and I am the Project Administrator here at LANDED. I joined the team almost 6 years ago.

I originally came to cover maternity leave but was lucky enough to be kept on and have been here ever since. Beforehand I worked as a Procurement Assistant within a building services organisation which was a completely different environment to LANDED but I feel I slotted in with the staff team just nicely.

I mostly do all the office-based and finance work but I also get the opportunity to work with our lovely volunteers at times too. Working with various young people from different walks of life keeps you very grounded. It's great to see them come on board and grow in ways that they never thought they would.

Every day is different at LANDED. Some days I can be head in numbers and typing, other days I can be helping out with behind the scenes of filming health-related information DVD’s and because of this variety, I really love my job.

We are a small staff team that has grown to become a LANDED family and I feel very fortunate to be part of something so great. 

Blog written by Alayna Fella, Project Administrator. May 2020.

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