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Stop and Search – Your Rights

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When we mention the police, everyone has an opinion: some positive, some not so much. Whether we love them or hate them, the police have a role to play in society. Their role is to enforce and uphold the law in local areas by protecting the public and their property, preventing crime, and reducing the fear of crime.

When we talk to young people about drugs, they are always keen to speak to us about police stop and search and their experiences. Some feel the police have mistreated them and would like to be better informed on their rights and what rights the police have during a stop and search in Scotland. So, let’s get into it.

What is a ‘stop and search.’

Police stop and search is when the police stop you when you’re out and about and search your pockets and bags, or the car you’re travelling in for illegal items like drugs, weapons or stolen goods.

Can the police search you just because you’re young?

If the police are searching you, they must have a specific reason. They cannot search you just because you are young and hanging about the streets.

So if the police need a specific reason to search you, what reasons justify a police stop and search?

There are a few reasons for this, but the officer must tell you that reason before searching you.

It could be:

· You meet the profile of someone they are looking for. The police could have had a call earlier that night reporting 0an incident, and the police report involves a description of the person involved, and you meet the description.