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Stopping Smoking - Aaron's Journey

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Aaron is one of our amazing LANDED volunteers. Recently, he has stopped smoking cigarettes and we asked him some questions about his cessation journey.

With the end of 2019 in sight, a lot of smokers will decide to quit smoking as part of their new years' resolution.

Aaron hopes that his experience of stopping smoking will help to encourage and support others to quit. We conducted a short Q&A interview with him which you can read below.

1. How long have you smoked?

- 4 years.

2. Why did you start smoking?

- All my friends at school smoked, I thought it looked cool and decided to try it.

3. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

- Depending on the day, I smoked around 15 – 25.

When I was at work I smoked more as I got bored and was easy to just go out for a smoke. On nights out I smoked more than usual, the smoking areas at clubs is a sociable area so I would make quite a lot of friends there. When I first started smoking I smoked normal fags, then I moved onto roll-ups.

4. Why do you smoke roll-ups instead of fags?

- Roll-ups are a bit cheaper for me to buy, I usually spent around £18 a week on tobacco and other products, compared to almost £10 a day when smoking normal fags.

5. What made you decide to quit smoking?

- Many reasons made me decide to stop smoking. In the past, I have tried to stop several times to stop smoking – all of which have been unsuccessful.

There are a lot of negative health effects which come from smoking, the amount of money that I have spent could have been saved and used for something else – maybe saving up for a car. I and the LANDED staff looked at how much money I was spending a year on fags – this totalled almost £2000 a year. This shocked me, I did not realise how much money I was spending – this was one of the things that encouraged me to stop smoking.

Also, I recently went for an operation on my throat which I had to stop smoking for – this was my main motivation to stop smoking. The doctor told me if I continued to smoke the recovery would have been a lot harder and possibly more painful.

6. What did you use to quit smoking?

- I have attempted to stop smoking on many occasions – each time having a different approach. The fi