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About this survey

Welcome to the LANDED website. We were commissioned by NHS Lanarkshire to consult with young people on the subject of Vaping. This consultation ended in February 2024. 

Survey Report

The survey had 6901 eligible responses from young people aged between 11 and 25 years old who live in Lanarkshire. 3021 of these responses were from North Lanarkshire (47%), while 3880 were from South Lanarkshire (53%). We are delighted with this result, and hope that this data will be used to design and inform future local support/cessation services, education and public health information for young people.


A note for teachers/ youth workers

LANDED specialises in engaging with young people on the topic of smoking and vaping, we have a suite of educational resources available that can help you to have effective and informative discussions about their risk-taking behaviours, visit our Resource Shop for more information.

Did you Know? We created some FREE vaping resources for schools, view and download them here.

We also have a fantastic Training Course for staff & volunteers working with young people on all things vaping & smoking.

Feel free to contact us to enquire about anything further.


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For more information about the consultation, please contact us.

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